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Statement regarding the tragic death of RSE student Fiona Regan

Yelm and Thurston County Issues

Fiona Regan

Ms. Knight has released the following statement expressing her sorrow and that of her students.

Statement from JZ Knight

We are deeply saddened to learn of the tragic death of Fiona Regan that has occurred in our tranquil rural community.

Fiona was enrolled in her first Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) Beginning Retreat in her home country of Ireland in March 2008, then travelled to events on the Yelm, Washington, campus and subsequently moved to the area to be close to the School she loved and the friends she met here. We are disheartened at the loss of any of our students, but to lose them in a sudden death is a greater shock.

Knight said, “I consider all the students in this school so very unique, rare, and such a gift to their family, friends, and community that the loss of such a precious student as Fiona hurts my heart. We share in the grief with Fiona’s family, fellow students, her friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Fiona’s unexpected death affects us all, and many lives will be affected because of her untimely passing.”

We support and honor the request of Fiona’s family and friends in refraining from speculation and social-media gossip so they are allowed to grieve without adding any more pain and heartache, as they wish to maintain privacy during this difficult time.

JZ Knight

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JZ Knight accepts Chamber’s Award

JZ Knight News, Press, Yelm Economy, Yelm and Thurston County Issues

2013 Yelm Chamber Award honorees:
Tom Dewell, JZ Knight, Joseph Bravo, Jason Witherow, Michael Wagar, and Ronelle Funk.
Photo credit: Barbra Kates Photography,

On Tuesday, December 10, 2013, JZ Knight accepted the Yelm Chamber of Commerce 2013 Business of the Year award in the “50 or more employees” category at the Forum luncheon meeting’s award ceremony. Yelm Chamber Executive Director introduced Knight’s award and Mayor Ron Harding was on hand to make the presentation and shake hands with each of the winners, followed by Chamber President Ronelle Funk adding her congratulations to the winners, as well. Funk reported this was the first year that Chamber members sent in their nominations for award winners, where formerly the Chamber’s Board selected the annual recipients.

Knight and Nisqually Valley News Publisher/Editor Michael Wagar brought their entire staffs to the luncheon presentation, which added to camaraderie of the monthly meeting.

The complete list of 2013 Honorees:
Business of the Year (0-5) Allstate Insurance, Ronelle Funk
Business of the Year (6-10) Nisqually Valley News, Michael Wagar
Business of the Year (11-20) Jason’s Greenhouse, Jason Witherow
Business of the Year (21-49) McDonald’s of Yelm, Joseph Bravo
Business of the Year (50+) JZK, Inc., JZ Knight
Non-Profit, The Rotary Club of Yelm, Tom Dewell, President
Chamber Volunteer of the Year, April Sage, KeyBank
Citizen of the Year, Cecelia Jenkins, Yelm Chamber Executive Director

This 2013 Yelm Chamber of Commerce Christmas Extravaganza Award went to JZ-Rose, tied with Tim’s Pharmacy.
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Happy Thanksgiving from JZ Knight

Yelm and Thurston County Issues

Click here for the message JZ Knight.

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Yelm Chamber’s 2013 award honors
JZ Knight and her company

JZ Knight News, Yelm Economy, Yelm and Thurston County Issues

From the Yelm Area Chamber of Commerce, November 26, 2013:

Congratulations to the 2013 Annual Chamber Award Winners!
The following Chamber members will be honored at the Tuesday, December 10th Luncheon Forum!
We are excited to have the opportunity to honor these deserving businesses at our luncheon.
They have all contributed many volunteer hours and a wide-variety of financial support for a substantial cross-section of our community.
The Chamber members jointly make a tremendous difference for the citizens of our local area.

2013 Honorees:
Business of the Year (0-5) Allstate Insurance, Ronelle Funk
Business of the Year (6-10) Nisqually Valley News, Michael Wagar
Business of the Year (11-20) Jason’s Greenhouse, Jason Witherow
Business of the Year (21-49) McDonald’s of Yelm, Joseph Bravo
Business of the Year (50+) JZK, Inc., JZ Knight
Non-Profit, The Rotary Club of Yelm, Tom Dewell
Chamber Volunteer of the Year, April Sage, KeyBank

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Mary Hall elected County Auditor

Yelm and Thurston County Issues

Photo courtesy: Elect Mary Hall

JZ Knight predicted Mary Hall would win the Thurston County Auditor position, saying the election would be close, though Hall would prevail. Now, Hall has indeed won, as reported by Lisa Pemberton in The Olympian today:

“Mary Hall barely wins job of county auditor”

“The close Thurston County auditor’s race appears to be over.

On Wednesday [Nov. 13], Pierce County elections supervisor Mary Hall was maintaining a slim lead with 33,814 votes, or 50.54 percent. State Rep. Gary Alexander had 33,091 votes, or 49.46 percent.”

“The election will be certified Nov. 26 and results will be declared final, Alexander said this week.”
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The Olympian published a letter this morning from Olympia Disabilities’ advocate and attorney Brendan Williams:

“I hope we move forward, as a tolerant community, with the failure of a deplorable attack by defeated Auditor/Rep. Gary Alexander upon those associated with J.Z. Knight. Knight herself is a public figure who can defend herself, but Republicans now wish to deny civic participation even to those finding value in Knight’s Yelm school.”

“I don’t know Knight. But many of those who subscribe to her beliefs run businesses and are engaged, productive citizens who add value to Thurston County. I encourage, and welcome, their participation in our democracy, whatever my personal feelings about their beliefs.”
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Bottom Line:
Hall is to take the Oath of Office November 26.

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“Knight exposed Alexander, prefers Hall for auditor”

JZ Knight News, Yelm and Thurston County Issues

Letter to the Editor published in The Olympian,
submitted by Jeanne Ray of Olympia:

“Thank you, JZ Knight Inc., for your ad exposing Gary Alexander’s less-than-stellar activities (Olympian Oct. 26). There was only one thing missing from that ad. This is my understanding of how Alexander was unanimously appointed to county auditor: The commissioners were given names from the Republicans and by law they had to appoint from those names.

Ron Harding, Yelm mayor, was Alexander’s competition for appointment to county auditor. Harding declined to be considered but refused to officially withdraw his name.
[Harding officially resigned the night prior to the Commissioners' meeting to appoint a replacement]
This left the commissioners with only one choice — Alexander. They appointed Alexander who immediately hired Harding to a newly created $72,000 a year job.

Please vote for Mary Hall. I would rather have an intelligent, experienced and honest “technician” (Alexander’s word) than an overeducated, underhanded career politician as my county auditor.”
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JZ Knight calls on Interim Auditor to distance himself from disenfranchising any Thurston County voter

JZ Knight News, Press, Yelm and Thurston County Issues

In response to inaccuracies in The Olympian story of October 22 and Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) Chair Susan Hutchison’s statement, JZ Knight has purchased full-page advertisements in The Olympian and Yelm’s Nisqually Valley News to let area voters know the truth.
Knight states, in part:

- Interim Auditor of Thurston County Gary Alexander is responsible for upholding the rights of all voters.
JZ Knight is his constituent.
We call on Mr. Alexander to distance himself from the Republican Party’s derogatory rhetoric and uphold the principles of the office he wishes to continue to hold.
(Knight held no fund raiser in her home for Mary Hall and has never met the candidate, in which The Olympian printed a Clarification in their October 23, 2013 edition.)

- We strongly condemn actions to disenfranchise ANY voter from participating in their democratic right to support candidates of their choosing.
The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the Washington State Constitution both protect free speech and expressly protect the free exercise of religion and one’s spiritual views.

Click here for the “Meet the Double-Dippers“ad in The Olympian today.

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JZ Knight is pleased to announce Ramtha’s 2014 World Tour!

JZ Knight News, Upcoming Events, Yelm and Thurston County Issues

Ramtha teaches outdoors, Italy Event, August 16, 2013 – Spinello, Italy

Following on the excitement generated from JZ Knight traveling to Italy in August 2013 and channeling Ramtha for over 1,100 students from 40 countries and simultaneously presented in 9 languages, Knight has announced Ramtha’s 2014 World Tour:

Mexico: February 24th thru 28th, 2014
• South Korea: TBA for April/May, 2014
Switzerland: May 14th thru 18th, 2014
Australia: June 25th thru 29th, 2014
• South America: TBA for July, 2014
Italy: Beginning Event – August 13th thru morning of 17th, 2014
Italy: European Assay – August 17th thru 22nd, 2014
South Africa: September 24th thru 28th, 2014.
Click on each country’s hotlink above for event details.

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Yelm Pastor Jeff Adams’ motives against JZ Knight revealed in paid newspaper ad

JZ Knight News, Press, Yelm and Thurston County Issues

Pastor Jeff Adams
Photo credit: Facebook page of Jeff Adams

Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) parent company JZK, Inc., published a paid advertisement in today’s Nisqually Valley News (NVN) that reveals Pastor Jeff Adams’ had a vested interest in the Yelm landscape and used his religious columns targeting JZ Knight, RSE and students for his own political agenda.

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JZK, Inc. case granted Summary Judgment – will not go to trial

JZ Knight News, Press, Yelm and Thurston County Issues

JZ Knight, President, JZK, Inc.
Copyright © 2013 JZ Knight.

Judge Tabor heard motions for summary judgment by both parties today [Friday, June 28, 2013]. Both JZK, Inc. and Virginia Coverdale submitted pleadings arguing that the case could be settled as a matter of law rather than proceed to trial.

Judge Tabor agreed, noting that the relevant facts were not in dispute. In his ruling, Judge Tabor noted that the defendant had not sufficiently established the points of law in their favor, while also noting that JZK, Inc. had more than adequately done so. He found the Conditions of Participation to be reasonable. He stated that protecting one’s proprietary information is an important concern that may be addressed in a contract and that RSE’s contract was “sufficient to prevent this type of disclosure.”

Since it was undisputed that Coverdale had agreed not to disclose such information when she signed the contract, and then later did so, Judge Tabor granted JZK, Inc.’s motion for summary judgment, ending the case. There will be no trial.

“I am elated that the Court saw this was a simple case of a breach of contract,” said JZ Knight, President of JZK, Inc.

Under the Conditions of Participation she signed, Coverdale promised to pay JZK, Inc. their attorney’s fees and the court costs. And while she may appeal Judge Tabor’s decision within the next 30 days, there are a number of high hurdles she must face if she chooses to do so.

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