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JZ Knight commends Linda Evans on her book debut

Yelm and Thurston County Issues

Linda in Florence, Italy, Oct. 7, 2011
Photo courtesy: Linda Evans Facebook page

JZ Knight and Linda Evans have just returned from Florence, Italy on the eve of Linda’s book debut October 11 Recipes for Life: My Memories published in hardcover from Vanguard Press.

Upon hearing the news, Knight said, “I have known Linda for over 25 years and am honored to have her as one of my dearest friends all of these years. I wish her grand success with the book and acknowledge her for sharing with the world a grand life of enriched experiences.
And she included in her book my lemon meringue pie recipe.”

Photo credit: Linda Evans Official Website

Click here to order Recipes for Life or purchase your copy in Yelm exclusively at JZ-Rose.

“The making of Recipes for Life has been a colossal task and an immense labor of love for Linda. And now, she is overjoyed to share her story with all of you,” quoting Linda’s official Newsletter.

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JZ Knight comments to Ecology on Yelm’s Water Rights Application

Yelm and Thurston County Issues

In response to the public comment period ending September 28, 2011 for the Dept. of Ecology’s DRAFT REPORT OF EXAMINATION FOR WATER RIGHT APPLICATION for the City of Yelm, JZ Knight’s legal team filed a letter on her behalf.

The City of Yelm is requesting an additional 942 acre feet a year from the city’s new test well, which if approved, would more than double Yelm’s current annual water allocation withdrawn from our local aquifer. Knight submitted comments about this DRAFT plan.

Read more of the full text of JZ Knight’s September 28, 2011 public comments to Ecology, .

Read more of the full text of JZ Knight’s April, 2009 letter to Ecology about Yelm’s Water Rights Application, referenced in the September 28, 2011 letter.

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