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JZ Knight calls on Interim Auditor to distance himself from disenfranchising any Thurston County voter

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In response to inaccuracies in The Olympian story of October 22 and Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) Chair Susan Hutchison’s statement, JZ Knight has purchased full-page advertisements in The Olympian and Yelm’s Nisqually Valley News to let area voters know the truth.
Knight states, in part:

- Interim Auditor of Thurston County Gary Alexander is responsible for upholding the rights of all voters.
JZ Knight is his constituent.
We call on Mr. Alexander to distance himself from the Republican Party’s derogatory rhetoric and uphold the principles of the office he wishes to continue to hold.
(Knight held no fund raiser in her home for Mary Hall and has never met the candidate, in which The Olympian printed a Clarification in their October 23, 2013 edition.)

- We strongly condemn actions to disenfranchise ANY voter from participating in their democratic right to support candidates of their choosing.
The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the Washington State Constitution both protect free speech and expressly protect the free exercise of religion and one’s spiritual views.

Click here for the “Meet the Double-Dippers“ad in The Olympian today.

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