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Media Statement from JZ Knight, President of JZK, Inc. regarding SB 5867

Yelm and Thurston County Issues

Official Statement from JZ Knight, President of JZK, Inc., in response to the Nisqually Valley News request for a comment to Yelm’s Mayor Ron Harding telling them SB5867 may have been influenced by JZ Knight:

Ms. Knight has concluded all activity on the water issue with the City of Yelm, except to respond to the city’s appeal of her case.
She has no involvement whatsoever regarding any facet of SB 5867.
We suggest anyone contact bill sponsor Senator Fraser for her response as to how this bill was introduced.

We are deeply disappointed Mayor Harding misrepresented Ms. Knight’s intentions in her case against the city, as well as the Final
Judgment of the Court in a Senate Hearing on the bill. The Court agreed with Ms. Knight in this case,
not the city, as Harding represented to the Senate Committee.
Harding also stated the Court’s decision was vague in Ms. Knight’s case ruling, which was not true.
The Court issued a very clear and concise Final Judgment on November 8, 2008, which the City of Yelm has appealed.

Mayor Harding also told the Senate Environment, Water and Energy Committee
in the SB5867 hearing the City’s Opponent (Ms. Knight) used the water case to stop growth.

That is not true!
Ms. Knight has always said this case was to require the city to provide water resources for the city’s expansion
consistent with the city’s water appropriations from the State Dept. of Ecology,
prior to final plat approval and to not wait until the development’s building permit stage, which follows state law.
The court agreed with Ms. Knight.

Ms. Knight is NOT anti-growth.

Senator Fraser’s office stated JZ Knight “has not lobbied” her office for this bill.
This Bill resembling JZ Knight’s case is headed to potentially be made State Law. JZ’s case has garnered alot of attention from
many people; from the Attorney General’s Office, Ecology, Health and many legislators. The Superior Court Final Judgment
was heard throughout Washington State and has already affected the future:

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