NatGeo publishes the Blu Room photo of Yelm’s Rory Sagner,
Derives international attention for her work, The Blu Room, Knight, and Yelm!

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Photo credit: Rory Sagner Photography & Fine Art
for Absolute Health, Olympia

Yelm’s award-winning photographer Rory Sagner submitted this photo for National Geographic’s Your Shot story assignment called “Everyday Science.” The submission was an editor “favorite” covered here previously. National Geographic (NatGeo) chose Sagner’s photo Blu Room today along with 15 other finalists from 5906 total submissions from around the world.

Sagner said this when learning of her photo’s selection:
“Needless to say I am absolutely thrilled that this photo was published! Of course it’s wonderful to have one’s work acknowledged, especially when that work is also one’s passion, but the greater meaning for me is in knowing that this will result in so many more people around the world learning about the Blu Room and being able to benefit from it’s amazing effects. I have already been contacted by several people asking about whether there are Blu Rooms in their part of the world!

My deepest gratitude goes out first and foremost to the creator (and now patent holder) of this genius technology, JZ Knight of Yelm, WA., and to my teacher Ramtha, for not only teaching me about ultraviolet blue light healing, but also for showing me how we truly can create our greatest dreams through applying conscious focus and never giving up! I’d also like to thank the amazing staff of the Absolute Health Clinic, home of the West Olympia Blu Room, for asking me to come and photograph both them and the Blu Room for their website. Lastly, I want to thank the National Geographic Your Shot Editors for always providing inspiration, my fellow photographers and friends in our National Geographic Your Shot group on Facebook for their incredible support and invaluable feedback.”

– Rory Sagner’s photo description by NatGeo’s Editor Prasenjeet Yadav:
“This image seems like it’s right out of some sci-fi movie. I love the composition, and the placement of those vertical pillars but more importantly the blue color tone in the frame gives a soothing feel to the image. I also learned something new about the advancements in the medical sector. Lovely image indeed.”
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– Rory Sagner’s photo was a “Favorite” of 3 NatGeo editors:
The 3rd editor listed below here was the editor on this story assignment.

David Y. Lee
United States of America, Producer, Nat Geo Your Shot

Kristen McNicholas
United States of America, Associate Photo Editor, Nat Geo Your Shot

Prasenjeet Yadav
India, Photographer & National Geographic Explorer
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Blu Room is a trademark and service mark of JZ Knight. Used with permission — US Patent Number: 9919162

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Derives international attention for her work, The Blu Room, Knight, and Yelm!