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JZ Knight is ‘Who’s Who in the Nisqually’ guest @ The Triad July 5th,
36 year Yelm resident, business woman shares her insights in interview

JZ Knight News, Press

JZ Knight
Photo courtesy: JZ Knight. Copyright © 2017.
Used with permission.

Story Highlights
The Triad Theater begins the summer/fall monthly interview series Who’s Who in the Nisqually.
JZ Knight is the first guest of the 2nd series this Wednesday, July 5, at 7:00 pm.
Steve Craig, biologist and Fulbright Scholar, Yelm property owner, conducts the interviews.
Free tickets are being made available on a first come basis through the Triad Theater.
The interview will be taped for YouTube and on Olympia Public Access TV, channel 22.

- From the Press Release:
The Triad Theater announces the start of the summer/fall monthly interview series titled Who’s Who in the Nisqually Watershed: Mountain to Sea. Kicking it off is JZ Knight, president of JZK, Inc., and Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment. The school was established in the 1980s and has hosted over 30,000 students from the United States and 70 foreign countries. JZ Knight is the unique channel of Ramtha and author of the best-selling autobiography, A State of Mind, My Story. Historians and religious experts who have studied her life’s work call JZ Knight the Great American Channel and recognize her as one of the most charismatic and compelling spiritual leaders of the modern age.

JZ Knight will be interviewed on stage at the Triad Arts Theater Wednesday, July 5, at 7:00 pm.
Cameron Jayne, theater director, said she is pleased and excited to bring people with notable and interesting backgrounds to the theater to be interviewed with time at the end of each session for public Q and A. It is a huge opportunity for the community to learn about individuals in the Nisqually watershed who are making a difference in a variety of ways.

Steve Craig, biologist and Fulbright Scholar, conducts the interviews. Craig said he models the interviews along the lines of Charlie Rose, who has for several years conducted interviews on PBS television. The format is simple and relaxed, with interesting and gentle probing of interviewee’s involvement in the Yelm and greater Nisqually community.

It is anticipated that there will be a lot of interest in the JZ Knight interview, and seating capacity at the Triad is limited. Free tickets are being made available on a first come basis through the Triad Theater. The interview will be taped and subsequently shown on You Tube and on Olympia Public Access TV, channel 22.

Other interesting interviewees will be announced soon. The Public will not be disappointed, according to theater director, Jayne.
Initial sponsors of the interview sessions at the Triad Theater are the Yelm Business Association, Olympia Federal Savings and Keystone Masonry. Admission is free, but donations are appreciated.
Questions may be directed to Steve Craig: (360) 790-7490.

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Seattle P-I’s Blog ‘The Military Wire’ on The BluRoom® – invented by JZ Knight

JZ Knight News, Press

The Blu Room®

Story Highlights:
* The Blu Room is patent pending, which shields you from the outside world.
* Story’s author was a skeptic.
* What convinced him otherwise were transformational changes by vets.
* Over 40,000 users worldwide are describing similar impacts.
* Bottom line: the Blu Room beats being “over-medicated.”
* Inventor Knight offers two free Blu Room sessions per week in July for any active military or veterans.

- The Blu Room® is available at the following South Sound locations:
In Yelm at The U Wellness Center, Click here
In Olympia at the Absolute Health Clinic, Click here

- “When the Pills Don’t Help: Finding Your Way-Forward”
The Blu Room is a patent pending technology that shields you from the outside world and wraps you in an atmosphere of soft ultraviolet light. Since your brain isn’t busy responding to the stimulus of the everyday environment, your mind is free to relax or hold a relaxed state of focus without distractions.

Sounds like a tanning bed, right? I was an absolute skeptic. Walking into the Blu Room reminded me of walking into a Miami Vice club scene – mirrors, lights…and it’s blue. I took my place on the bed, which is similar to a chiropractic table, removed all my distractive devices (watch, phone, ring, etc), and proceeded to engage in the experience – aka, my short nap.”

What convinced me that this could very well be more than just an effective solution for those looking to achieve deep relaxation and significant increases in Vitamin D3 was my conversations with Dale and Dave.

After starting their Blue Room experiences, they both experienced transformational changes – not over night, of course, but over a rather short period of time. Relief from physical pain, relief from mental stress and anxiety, improved overall focus – all these and a few other areas of their lives – were improving.

Sure, some of this is anecdotal, and one could argue that if you believe something is working then in fact, it could very well be working…much like a placebo.

But over 40,000 users worldwide are describing similar impacts. Under the supervision of a physician, patients with the following conditions have found benefit from their Blu Room experiences: Cancer: breast, meningioma, lymphoma, prostate, bladder, colon, uterine, squamous cell. Pain: back, hips, knee, neck, shoulder, headache, ankle, foot, stomach, spinal stenosis, cervix.”

Bottom line: the Blu Room beats being “over-medicated” and may in fact be a solution, much like it is for Dale and Dave. Over 40,000 individuals have reported a wide range of personal benefits – and I do know that I benefited from my short 20-minute session.

My encouragement to all those skeptics is to check it out.

For the month of July, the inventor has offered two free Blu Room sessions per week for any active military or veterans with a diagnosis of PTSD and who would like to try the Blu Room experience. Please contact or call 360.458.5224.

Those diagnosed with PTSD have also reported vast improvements,” by Michael Schindler, Seattle P-I Blog, ‘The Military Wire’.
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JZ Knight headlines impressive list of Yelm UFO-Fest’s speakers

JZ Knight News, Press, Upcoming Events, Yelm Economy

Yelm’s UFO Fest & Disclosure Symposium, July 28-30
Courtesy: The Triad Arts Theater

- “Yelm’s ‘UFOFest and Cosmic Symposium’ About to Take Off”
The UFO Symposium will be held at The Triad Theater (down the street from the Festival @ Prairie Park) July 28th – 30th. Here is a partial list of speakers:
* JZ Knight, date/time to be announced.
* James Gilliland
* Laura Eisenhower
* Capt. Randy Cramer
* Greg Sullivan, JECETI
* Dr. Miceal Ledwith
* Simon Parkes, who will speak via Live Stream.

TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW: Choose from Regular or VIP: click here
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Rainier High grad receives $20,000 from Knight’s Humanities Foundation

JZ Knight News

Rainier High School 2017 Senior Class
$20,000 Scholarship winner Jesse Nubbe seated top row, far right.
Photo credit: Rainier Education Foundation.

* JZ Knight Humanities Foundation donated $50,000 to REF on March 25th.
* Knight also donated a $20,000 2017 Rainier Senior Class Scholarship.
* Jesse Nubbe: Rainier Senior Graduate $20,000 scholarship recipient.

- “Rainier Education Foundation [REF] Honors 2017 Seniors”
“Awards Night Totals $202,000 in Scholarships; JZ Knight Donates $70,000″

“RHS Principal John Beckman told those gathered he has been with the senior class since they were in sixth grade and they are the nicest, most talented group he’s worked with.

Valedictorian Jess Nubbe was awarded $20,000 from the JZ Knight Humanities Foundation and his mother joined him at the podium where she was given a bouquet of flowers.

In a statement from Knight, ‘I affirm my support to Jesse whose dreams of greater education as a foundational training will enable him the gift of his mind and skills for humanity’s future benefit.””

“Rainier Education Foundation, itself a recipient of $50,000 from the JZ Knight Foundation [last March], doled out $30,000 in new and renewing scholarships. Traci Carly explained the nonbiased process and how students receive money once, but can also apply for additional money for each successive year they stay in school, up to four years. REF also offers $15,000 grants to staff for projects not covered in the school budget.

The first alumni scholarship ever given, in the name of Harold Aschenbrenner, was awarded to Nubbe and Holmes for $550 each. Nubbe also received the 2017 RHS Science Scholar award.”

Students also received recognition for passing the state exams and for completion of Career and Technical Education credits. Other scholarships were presented from or on behalf of the Yelm Eagles, South Puget Sound Rotary, Olympia Master Builders, Stiebrs Farm, the [Yael & Steve] Klein family¸ Washington State Council of County and City Employees, Dan R. Montgomery, Emmett E. Stewart, Tex Martin, Aschenbrenner and Miller (founders of Rainier Education Foundation) and Altrusa,” by Cindy Teixeira, Nisqually Valley News.
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Editor’s Note:
Jesse Nubbe was born to students [Heidi Haslinger and Chris Nubbe] of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) and was raised in the RSE curriculum.

- “JZ Knight Donates $50,000 to Rainier Education Foundation”
Saturday’s Scholarship Fundraiser [March 25] Brought In a Total of $91,000″

Knight said it is wise to invest in our students.

“‘There is nothing greater we can do for the future of our communities than to help young people gain knowledge and broad experience beyond the community,’ Knight said. ‘Exposure to other cultures, other perspectives, and other understandings about the greater world enriches everyone who is willing to step out into that larger reality. Just like Bilbo Baggins who left the Shire for an adventure, our young folks will return home one day rich with treasures to share.’”
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