Yelm newspaper heralds defense of JZ Knight

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NVN Editor/Publisher Michael Wagar
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Centralia & Lewis County, WA

The Yelm-based weekly Nisqually Valley News (NVN)newspaper heralded the defense of JZ Knight from RSE students and the Thurston Democrats in their Friday, May 9th print and online edition:

– RSE Students Defend Knight, Ramtha
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– “Students stand-up with letters to local newspaper supporting RSE”
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– RSE student letters referenced in preceding story
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– “Thurston Democrats Chair Calls JZ Knight ‘Democrat in Good Standing”
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– Three terrific Letters to the Editor:
* “Why Not Start Working Together as a Community?”
By Lucy Jeanne
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– “JZ Knight an Asset To The Nisqually Valley”
“JZ Knight has been an asset to this community, donating large amounts of money to our EMS system. We all benefit from better fire and medical attention.”
By Deb Voyles
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– “Eventually Justice Will Be Served Against Vigilantes”
By JZ Knight
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