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JZ Knight—Uncut
From The Good Times Weekly
Written by Greg Archer
Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Your question is, about the political climate. What specifically would you like to know about that?


Well, it’s a historical run. Hillary and Obama were a historical run by no measure. They went in on the most prejudiced against group in the entire world. For her to have broken through that glass ceiling was immense—for everyone. For Barack Obama, as a black man, with racist America, to be up there—an inspiring brilliant speaker—and to turn on the nation as John F Kennedy did; Robert Kennedy did; was immensely fabulous—a black and a woman. Watching them run has been one of the biggest highlights. To have Obama live for change and to be able to make that true in the labyrinth of corruption and influence and world power … You’re talking about the biggest budget in the century—the military budget and they want money for projects. They want to keep war going. Whenever people say we’re in Iraq, we’re there to protect our interests, what no one common person asks, is well, what are our common interests? Our interests are oil. And by the way, Ramtha predicted this war with Bush. It’s recorded. It’s been copywritten. The Ram said, it’s all about oil. That’s it. It’s not about anything else. Our special interests will create a democracy there that we can control so that the oil companies could grab the oil fields and the next country would be Iran. And this was all stated by the Ram.

Obama is facing a military that must have war to justify a $2 billion plane and … whatever they have. All of the manufacturers, the military industrial complex, the industry, all depends upon war in order to keep the money coming in so we can keep building bigger, ‘badder’ and worse war machines. Then you have the CIA in order, or intelligence—well, not everybody, that sounds like a broad statement—they have to have intelligence and be able to cause destruction. They have to try to unseat the government and make as if that government has to be changed and create a lot of lies in order for us to have a war—we blow it up, we rebuild it and they get billions and billions for making toilets. And they have to have this war… so then the whole thing is that the military works for special interests that run the world. So the quagmire for Obama is, is that it’s stacked against him. It’s stacked against him because he is going against the military and going against special interests and all those subcontractors, and he’s going against the oil companies—the politics of it and everybody that reaps the benefits of having that. And he is going against to some greater degree, what Bush and Carl Rove were very clever in doing—bringing in the religious right and the Jewish nation … with an opportunity for them to bring about Armageddon and the return of Jesus, and so the Jews for once and for all to take stand. And they worked all of that into this brilliant montage of why we should do this. All the Christian right was there and the Jews were there, and all the money is going to them. It was a brilliant, brilliant think tank that put that together. Obama has got to go against all of that and unravel it and live through it all.

He’s got to get out of Iraq. But how does he get out of Iraq without infuriating the oil companies? How does he turn over executive orders for signing on the oil companies for signing on the oil deals and not being able to reverse that? How does he continue to continue the war in Afghanistan when Dubai and Pakistan was on the take all the time? How does he actually find the villain, because you can’t have a program without them not having a reason to have a program—al Qaeda, Bin Laden … He’s got to work through all of that. And, on top of that, he has to end a war that is $12 billion a month and bring it home, and reconstitute the American dream and reconstitute the value of what’s going on. He has to walk a fine line between the people who rule this world and the poor people losing their homes—their money is devalued; they cannot afford to buy their food;, the school system is corrupted. It was never supported because all the money had to go to the war effort. How does he balance all that on the head of a pin. Don’t you agree?


So, the thing I see ahead is … trouble. John F. Kennedy tried to have the American money printed and get it out of the hands of the Federal Reserve, he went against the CIA , the military, he knew that utopia … the true American constitution and the dream of an unusual union … was for the people and not for the government. He was going to take the country in that direction and he paid for it. And so did his brothers. And so did Martin Luther King JR., and so did a lot of other people we do not even know about. Obama has got that in front of him. Now, is he going to cave in? Is he going to continue $12 billion a month and borrowing all the money from China to pay for it so that eventually China owns the paper of America? Is going to continue to do that? Is he going to end the war and bring the money home? Or … is he going to feel pressured to continue it knowing that any terrorist attack can be fabricated as a reason to continue?

You know, the glamour of being the president for a black man is extraordinary. It is an amazing journey. Now that you get there … can you really change? And can that be at the heart of inspiration to the American people without defaulting on it because of the enormous blocks against you or even surviving it? Can that be done? Can you inspire all these people or let them down? That is not going to be a comfortable position to have.


Why did you think it was beautiful?


I know all this. John McCain is just another warlord. He is not a maverick. He’s in for the all special interests groups. He wants the power. But they will destroy the country. I am telling you—they will destroy the country. America is teetering on bankruptcy. In fact, it is sort of bankrupt right now. Because what most people don’t understand about the national debt is that Bush financed this war by borrowing money from China, Korea, Japan and to some degree, Russia. He financed it by selling paper … and you can always say, you know, there is still prosperity, but the ignorant people of this country are ignorant because they do not read the newspapers, they do not research. They are out to have a good time and watch the Comedy Channel, which, by the way, I admire because some of the best education in the world is John Stewart.


Or the Colbert Report. Bill Maher on HBO. If you really want to know what’s going on, you watch them. But most American people want to watch the game shows; the reality shows. They don’t want to know. Because of that induced mind control, it’s kept people from their own power of being able to interfere and understand. They don’t even know where the money that has financed the war has come from—it’s in the trillions of dollars and it’s like a loan. If you don’t pay back the loan, the bank confiscates your house. If you don’t pay back the loan to China, they are going to confiscate the country. And see, people don’t understand why government doesn’t support education. It’s because they don’t want people meddling in their affairs

I see everything as coming … in the brave new world, a black man, a woman inspiring the world that so needs hope to replace the cynicism—that sort of mind control. To inspire people to care again … has been one of the greatest miracles of all time—if Obama can carry out the change in the light of overwhelming obstacles.


I am.




Any human being, I don’t care who they are, cannot help but crush under the burden or begin to compromise. And compromise can be good, but when you have to compromise to compromise on the compromise on the compromise … where you are trying to balance everything on the head of that pin … that puts us back in the same place. I feel the huge and overwhelming disenchantment that is already starting to grow. It’s an amazing, unfortunate thing that things may not go as promised. But the difficult position, the lust to be the first black man to have to wear that burden, is an unamiable job.

You cannot be a spiritual person in the true context of what it means today and where we really are and not know; not be well informed. You can’t be a spiritual person and say the universe will provide because it absolute won’t until you demand it. You can’t be a spiritual persona and walk around in white clothes and meditate all day long when at the heart at the power of our divinity is our spiritual self, which means spirit—our ball of light, our eternal self that inhabits through a brain and our central nervous system and that has this compulsion to create. You cannot avoid creating. Our compunction to create is the divine aspect of creator and it’s in everyone. You cannot be a true spiritual person without the compunction to create change. Because that’s what creators do—create. A real spiritual person is one that is full of the prosperity and knowledge and the compellingness to imagine it, and the next step … to manifest it. I mean, that is our agenda.

The new definition of a spiritual person is to make change and make better the path.