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WA. Supreme Court issues “mandate” in case of JZ Knight v. City of Yelm, et al

Yelm and Thurston County Issues

“The opinion of the Supreme Court of the State of Washington was filed on December 15, 2011, and became final on January 4, 2012. This cause is mandated to the superior court from which the appeal was taken for further proceedings…,” quoting Ronald R. Carpenter, Clerk of the Supreme Court, State of Washington.

What does this mean?
“This is a formality – issuance of the “Mandate” – which means that the appeal proceedings are over and the case is returned to the Superior Court (Thurston County Judge Chris Wickham). The effect of this is that the decision of the Superior Court will be reinstated (as if there had been no appeals).

The Superior Court decision required the City to change the language of the water availability condition of approval for these five plats and required that Knight receive special notice prior to final plat approval of any one of these five subdivisions [WINDSHADOW, LLC; WINDSHADOW II TOWNHOMES, LLC; PETRA ENGINEERING, LLC; SAMANTHA MEADOWS, LLC; TTPH3-8, LLC (Tahoma Terra)],” quoting Knight’s attorney Keith Moxon.

This is a final victory for Knight.

Read more from the letter of the Clerk of the Supreme Court, State of Washington.

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