Mary Hall elected County Auditor

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JZ Knight predicted Mary Hall would win the Thurston County Auditor position, saying the election would be close, though Hall would prevail. Now, Hall has indeed won, as reported by Lisa Pemberton in The Olympian today:

“Mary Hall barely wins job of county auditor”

“The close Thurston County auditor’s race appears to be over.

On Wednesday [Nov. 13], Pierce County elections supervisor Mary Hall was maintaining a slim lead with 33,814 votes, or 50.54 percent. State Rep. Gary Alexander had 33,091 votes, or 49.46 percent.”

“The election will be certified Nov. 26 and results will be declared final, Alexander said this week.”
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The Olympian published a letter this morning from Olympia Disabilities’ advocate and attorney Brendan Williams:

“I hope we move forward, as a tolerant community, with the failure of a deplorable attack by defeated Auditor/Rep. Gary Alexander upon those associated with J.Z. Knight. Knight herself is a public figure who can defend herself, but Republicans now wish to deny civic participation even to those finding value in Knight’s Yelm school.”

“I don’t know Knight. But many of those who subscribe to her beliefs run businesses and are engaged, productive citizens who add value to Thurston County. I encourage, and welcome, their participation in our democracy, whatever my personal feelings about their beliefs.”
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Bottom Line:
Hall is to take the Oath of Office November 26.

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