“Knight exposed Alexander, prefers Hall for auditor”

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Letter to the Editor published in The Olympian,
submitted by Jeanne Ray of Olympia:

“Thank you, JZ Knight Inc., for your ad exposing Gary Alexander’s less-than-stellar activities (Olympian Oct. 26). There was only one thing missing from that ad. This is my understanding of how Alexander was unanimously appointed to county auditor: The commissioners were given names from the Republicans and by law they had to appoint from those names.

Ron Harding, Yelm mayor, was Alexander’s competition for appointment to county auditor. Harding declined to be considered but refused to officially withdraw his name.
[Harding officially resigned the night prior to the Commissioners’ meeting to appoint a replacement]
This left the commissioners with only one choice — Alexander. They appointed Alexander who immediately hired Harding to a newly created $72,000 a year job.

Please vote for Mary Hall. I would rather have an intelligent, experienced and honest “technician” (Alexander’s word) than an overeducated, underhanded career politician as my county auditor.”
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