“Sheriff’s office: JZ Knight not a person of interest in murder investigation”

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From Steven Wyble in the Nisqually Valley News:
“JZ Knight is not a person of interest in a Thurston County Sheriff’s Office murder investigation, sheriff’s spokesman Greg Elwin said today [May 16].

‘Her name certainly has come up in the investigation, but she is not a person of interest,’ Elwin said.

Elwin said the sheriff’s office is investigating the 1992 murder of Joe Sumrall after receiving new information on the case.

‘Within the last several months we’ve received new information regarding the Sumrall homicide and that’s what we’re investigating, seeing if any of this new information might yield new clues or information that might help solve the case,’ he said. ‘Some of that information has included JZ Knight’s name, but nothing that causes us to consider her a suspect or person of interest in any way.”

“According to court documents, Coverdale allegedly posted on a Facebook group that she had spoken to a woman who claimed her husband murdered someone in Tenino, allegedly at the request of JZ Knight. Lawyers for JZK, Inc. asked Coverdale to name the alleged witness during a deposition interview and she refused, according to court documents.”
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