Tacoma News Tribune’s front-page story on JZ Knight vs. City of Yelm

Yelm and Thurston County Issues

Tacoma News Tribune staff writer Sean Robinson wrote an in-depth report titled “JZ Knight’s bid to halt development heard by state’s Supreme Court.
Note: The print edition was titled “JZ Knight proves to be a warrior vs. development”

Robinson stated:
“Neighbors often groan about the new housing developments next door. Typically, that’s all they do – but JZ Knight, 65, is no ordinary neighbor. She’s started an argument that could change the rules of local land-use planning throughout the state, and she’s determined to finish it.”

“If Knight prevails, the legal precedent could echo across the state, especially in rural communities where water is scarce. Owners of senior water rights could halt development in its tracks.”
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Knight has previously stated “to halt development” was not her intent. Knight’s case was about “the City of Yelm’s attempt to approve five proposed new developments without adequate proof of a sufficient water supply.”

JZ Knight presented evidence at five public hearings showing that the City of Yelm’s water rights are not adequate to serve five proposed Yelm subdivisions.
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