Yelm and Thurston County Issues

JZ Knight, Channel, Spiritual Leader, and Founder of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington, makes a statement to address the recent violence in Tucson:

“The rhetoric of removing public figures through suggested violence by commentators or guests on media programs does have consequences to listening/viewing individuals whose mind-set is to be the solution or the hero in killing the person/persons who has been vilified. Case in point: Glenn Beck hoping Michael Moore would get assassinated. There are those who will take up such a mission to carry out the wishes just to please Glen Beck!

We as individuals need to add a new dimension of morality to our common thought. Our political leaders, as well as our media stars, need to be that moral dimension. Words lead to action in people’s lives. Our leaders must be heroes of being and speaking newly inspired ways for common people to think and act on.”

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