JZ Knight’s Legal Team Responds To Local Newspaper

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JZ Knight appealed the City of Yelm’s decision granting preliminary plat approval to five subdivisions totaling 568 residential units because of the City’s failure to show adequate water availability as required under state law and City code.

Thurston County Superior Judge Wickham issued a final judgment prohibiting the City from delaying proof of water availability for these five plats until the time of building permit/water connection approvals for individual lots within the plats.

The City appealed that decision to the Appeals Court.

JZ Knight’s legal team issued this response to Megan Hansen’s front-page story in today’s Nisqually Valley News:

“JZ Knight has not been ordered to pay $195,000 in attorney fees and costs, as reported in the Nisqually Valley News. No court order setting the amount of a fee award has been issued. The Court of Appeals decision on the land use appeal allowed the City and Tahoma Terra to submit requests for “reasonable” attorney fees and costs. Their requests for fees were submitted, but Knight has an opportunity to submit objections to the fee requests. These objections are due to be filed by June 28th. A court ruling on a fee award is expected within two weeks. Knight’s attorneys do not expect the court to award the City and Tahoma Terra the amount of fees they requested.”

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