Regional Fire District Consolidation

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On December 8, 2009, the Yelm City Council approved placing the Regional Fire District Consolidation measure on the ballot February 9, 2010.

All registered voters in the City of Yelm & County Fire Districts 2 & 4 will get an opportunity to vote on the merger to be under one umbrella of the Southeast Thurston Regional Fire Authority.

If approved, this will eliminate a lot of redundant administrative and duplicate office expenses & allow the Fire Authority to operate more efficiently.

View the ordinance the Yelm City Council approved unanimously.

Ballots will be mailed the week of January 18, 2010.

JZ Knight is a strong proponent of this ballot measure.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rita Hutcheson  •  Dec 16, 2009 @12:52 pm

    JZ your support of this ballot measure is most appreciated. Both fire districts have also approved the resolutions in support of the measure. Passage of this measure is crucial to the fire department’s future. We can no longer continue to operate small fire districts and continue to provide quality service to our communities. The future is in consolidating resources and being more efficient and accountable with our tax dollars. It is important that citizens living outside the city limits of Yelm are already paying the fire tax. This measure will not increase or change their fire tax. Citizens living within the city limits of Yelm will begin to pay the same fire tax as citizens outside the city. They will also be able to vote on future fire department issues.
    If anyone needs to register to vote, an application can be picked up at the fire station at 709 Mill Road, Yelm. The last day to register is February 1, 2010. All updates to voter registrations must be done by January 11, 2010.
    Again thank you for your continued support of this department. It is indeed an honor for me to be the Fire Chief for this wonderful community.