Capilla del Monte, Argentina Honors JZ Knight With Ceremony and Certificate

JZ Knight News, Press

JZ Knight accepts award Sept. 11, 2009

The Municipality of Capilla del Monte together with the Tourism Department are pleased to give JZ Knight a certification of thanks for visiting their city and also as an acknowledgment for her career.

JZ Knight is traveling to Argentina in mid-September to bring Ramtha for the first time ever to South America.

Ramtha: Return to the Campaign Workshop Argentina

Capilla del Monte is honoring her in a brief ceremony to transmit their love and affection that the people of the area have for her, open to the public (no charge) and will be held on September 11 at 1PM at the “Enrique Muiño” theatre (the local cinema), with a capacity of 450 seats. The mayor of Capilla del Monte, Mrs. Rosanna Olmos, will present the honorary certificate. Secretary of Culture and Education Horacio Ruiz and Fernando Diz, Coordinator of the the Press and Tourist Office will also be in attendance.

Simultaneous language translation will be provided.



  1. Rich Arnold  •  Sep 3, 2009 @2:48 pm

    The power is in everyone everywhere. Thanks JZ for such a magnificent accomplishment to go to South America!

  2. Wally Brown  •  Sep 6, 2009 @9:39 am

    It’s about time she was honored in this fashion. I think Yelm and community should honor, in similar ceremony, this amazing person who has given most of her adult life to bring us awareness and truth.

    Whether you have participated in the RSE School or not, members of this community have been most positively affected by her involvement in the community.

    I find it amazing that she has the stamina to bring the Ram’s teaching all across the globe and finally a community has decided to honor her with ceremony and certificate! My hat is off to you JZ !!!

  3. Eva Lester  •  Sep 8, 2009 @4:57 pm

    Finally, the recognition and accolades that JZ and her work so richly deserve.
    And kudos to this wonderful city and it’s mayor for recognizing the real deal and celebrating truth!

  4. Catherine Espinel  •  Sep 10, 2009 @5:49 pm

    this is very beautiful She really deserbs this, for her courage and love. Thank you JZ felicidades. CE QuitoEcuador

  5. Catherine Espinel  •  Sep 10, 2009 @6:07 pm

    Felicidades Thank you JZ for your love and courage

  6. Amanda Gifford  •  Sep 11, 2009 @1:02 am

    JZ is a genius. JZ, we cant wait to celebrate you in South Africa. See you there JZ!

  7. Renee Webb  •  Sep 21, 2009 @5:41 pm




  8. Micheline Corteville  •  Sep 26, 2009 @2:46 am

    I am so full of joy that the world starts to recognize the great work that JZ does in such a splendid way. Her courage is an example to us all, thank you so much JZ, my life is so much better since I know you and RSE.

  9. Arturo Alonso  •  Oct 7, 2009 @5:09 pm

    Dear JZ, I am honored to be part of the Greatest School in the world, Ramtha’s School Of Enlightenment. Thank You.

  10. catharine washer  •  Oct 10, 2009 @4:51 am

    Dear JZ

    You are an Extraordinary Woman, thank you for changing my life, and may you change many, many others, please continue with your mission for as long as possible!

  11. Dominique Nagant  •  Oct 16, 2009 @1:30 am

    Dearest JZ,

    Thanks to have followed your idea since 35000 years ago …. ! and to have created this ancient school of wisdom … YES, YOU DESERVE TO BE HONOURED FOR YOUR COURAGE AND YOUR GENIOUS. Your visions of the teachings inspire me because you translate and illustrate them as a human , that help us as human to apply them.
    From the Lord God of my Being to the Lord God of your Being ! Thank You so much.

  12. Laura Losada  •  Oct 30, 2009 @5:19 pm

    My Beloved JZ:

    I feel so proud of you and the gift that you keep bringing to us from the moment you began dreaming about it!
    And I am also proud of my country Argentina, that honors you who are so entangled with the future!
    All my Love to you and profound gratitude!

    Laura Losada

  13. MASHENKA JACOVELLA  •  Dec 10, 2009 @4:27 pm

    Master, I just want to say that meeting you was a turning point in my life. I gave you a drowing whit a Mandala and you tell me to be happy. Since I return from Capilla Ive being more than happy. I feel that I ve found home in your teachings, and all that Ive learn in my life make sense, matched!!!
    You touch my hart so deeply. I know we knew each other from a long time ago…I was waiting for you!!
    I havent reached the “I have always being fabulously rich ” (only in the money sense) yet, but as soon as that fits into my brain, I will go to Yelm to see you again!!!!
    I love you with all my hart and Im so gratefull for everyting that comes from you!!!!
    Mashenka Jacovella
    Buenos Aires

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