City of Yelm withdraws MDNS

Yelm and Thurston County Issues

In a landmark decision the City of Yelm has withdrawn their MDNS citing lack of new DOE approved water rights in 2009.

This is a major change in direction coming from the city and indicates that my efforts and actions by other citizens to stop the city from their intent to pump huge amounts of water from the area’s aquifer have been heard by the State.

After all, Ecology received 100 citizen comments AGAINST the city’s MDNS and not one letter in support of this plan.

The City of Yelm is at or near pumping their 2009 water allocation by Ecology, so any more expansion in the city without further water rights approvals is severely hampered.

My full-page ads in area newspapers went a long way to educate city, county & state officials about the facts of the city’s MDNS.

Read the city’s letter of the MDNS withdrawal.

Read JZ Knight’s comments to the City of Yelm about the Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) regarding the city’s Draft Water System Plan

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Cara Clarke  •  Aug 19, 2009 @10:58 am

    Dear JZ,

    Congraulations!!! Whooo! Hoooo!

    Thanks so much to you and your staff members for all of the hard work, support and effort you put out to make this happen.

    Thanks also to Bettye Johnson who kept us updated through her newsletter.

    I am especially grateful for what this situation has done for me and others in regards to becoming informed on region, city, state and goverment issues. Awareness is a terrible thing to waste…Change is in the moment!
    You Rock!

    Cara Clarke