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“Judge limits questioning by defense in JZ Knight suit”

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Judge Gary Tabor

Jeremy Pawloski reports in The Olympian:
“An attorney for a former student of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment
is barred from asking the school’s leader, JZ Knight,
about alleged practices such as encouraging students to drink a liquid containing lye that,
according to the former student’s affidavit, is supposed to ‘accelerate our individual enlightenment.’”

“Thurston County Superior Court Judge Gary Tabor ruled Friday {February 1] in anticipation of Knight’s videotaped deposition that will be part of a breach-of-contract lawsuit brought by JZK Inc. against former student Virginia Coverdale.

Tabor ruled that during Knight’s deposition, Coverdale’s attorney, Shawn Newman, can ask Knight only questions that are directly relevant to the lawsuit. The suit seeks damages in response to Coverdale’s release of videos showing Knight making derogatory comments about Mexicans, Catholics and others last year.”
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