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JZ Knight recommends this book:
“The Tools”

Yelm and Thurston County Issues

“A groundbreaking book about personal growth that presents a uniquely effective set of five tools that bring about dynamic change—as seen on The Dr. Oz Show

The Tools offers a solution to the biggest complaint patients have about therapy: the interminable wait for change to begin. The traditional therapeutic model sets its sights on the past, but Phil Stutz and Barry Michels employ an arsenal of techniques—“the tools”—that allow patients to use their problems as levers that access the power of the unconscious and propel them into action.”
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“The Tools”

JZ Knight suggests “Moment Of Clarity”
by Comedian Lee Camp

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– “The rantings of a stark raving sane man”

“Comedian Lee Camp finally turns his popular ranting, raving “Moment of Clarity” webseries into a convenient, easy-to-carry paper version. Moment of Clarity includes 90 of Camp’s angrily opinionated, hilariously acerbic humor columns. It also includes 20 never-before-seen photos by professional photographer CS Muncy from the front lines of the Occupy protests. Moment Of Clarity somehow takes the palpable anger that exploded across this country in the form of Occupy Wall Street and turns it into something palatable yet toxically funny.”
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by Comedian Lee Camp