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Eighteen Month Research Project on JZ Knight and Ramtha
Click here for the abstract and paper by Joan Hageman.

In 1996 and 1997, a team of 18 researchers studied JZ, Ramtha and the School students. Eight standardized physiological, psychological and behavioral tests were administered repeatedly on JZ and six long-time students. The scientific conference, entitled In Search of Self: The Role of Consciousness in the Construction of Reality held in Yelm, Washington, examined the results of the research. “[JZ Knight] is not a fraud,” said team leader Dr. Stanley Krippner, psychologist and leading parapsychology researcher in the USA. Following the conference, Dr. Stanley Krippner and Dr. Ian Wickramasekera published a paper in 1998 entitled The Ramtha Phenomenon: Psychological, Phenomenological, and Geomagnetic Data in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, volume 92. However, they did not include the physiological data.

A new paper is now available online: Sympathetic Reactivity During Meditation by Joan H. Hageman, Ph.D., Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Ian Wickramasekera II, Psy.D. in Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine. Volume 19. Number 2.

Three Psychological Factors

Compared to the general population, the study participants measured high in Absorption (openness to experience) and Dissociation (the frequency and intensity of dissociating from one’s environment). The third factor is described as mental Boundaries. People with thin boundaries:
– tend to be open, sensitive, and vulnerable
– experience “twilight” states of consciousness easily
– do not repress uncomfortable material
– do not isolate thought from feeling

In contrast, “thick boundaried” people are adaptive, well organized, punctual, reliable, responsible, and efficient; however, they may become rigid and unable to change.
The Conclusion of this paper: Sympathetic Reactivity During Meditation “Our key findings highlight the practicality in clarifying the potentialities of meditation styles [C&E] that emphasize the positive use of absorption, dissociation, and permeable boundaries for individuals who have a greater ability to cognitively focus in addressing health concerns.”

The study can be accessed at the following link: Click here

Click here for the videos of the “In Search of Self” Conference.

Now available on DVD,
the original conference proceedings of In Search of the Self,
filmed on location at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment
and JZ Knight’s home in Yelm, Washington,
February 8 and February 9, 1997.
previously released on video.