JZ Knight responds to NVN editorial

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This Letter to the Editor was submitted on June 9 in response to an editorial by Nisqually Valley News Publisher/Editor Keven Graves he published on June 3:

Dear Editor:

As reported by the Associated Press* and numerous other media outlets, the Thurston County Sheriff’s office has ruled the death of Sally Paulsen as an unfortunate accident. In your June 3 editorial, why did you insinuate that Sally died under unusual circumstances? In the news article in the same issue, why did the reporter prematurely draw inappropriate and unsubstantiated conclusions between Sally and Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment?

I consider all the students in this school so very unique, rare, and such a gift to their family, friends, and community that the loss of such a precious student as Sally hurts my heart.

An NVN reporter called my staff on May 25 at 11 a.m. for comment before the Sheriff released Sally’s name or any of the circumstances surrounding her death. For my staff to “not comment” before the facts were made public by the Sheriff’s office was totally appropriate and respectful. Your criticism of me and/or my spokesperson for not offering condolences at that time was unreasonable given that Sally’s body had not yet been identified. Also, to correlate this School’s food storage practices with Sally’s death prior to the release of the information from the Sheriff’s office would have been imprudent speculation, as stated by my staff.

If an NVN reporter wanted information about RSE’s food storage practices, a two-second online search with the words “Ramtha, food storage” would list many pages of links about this School’s practices. Click here for Ramtha’s thoughts about food storage: http://www.ramtha.com/newsletter/vol5/issue4/SP3.html

Finally, my spokesperson was in contact with the executor of Sally’s estate immediately after the Sheriff identified her body, and my staff has been supportive of all efforts to assist her friends and family. The fact that our press release did not reach you in time for your print deadline is no excuse for your reckless statement.

JZ Knight

* Read more from the Associated Press.

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