Yelm and Thurston County Issues

SuperConsciousness Magazine’s Publisher and Managing Editor Jair Robles and Editor-in-Chief Danielle Graham conducted an exclusive interview with JZ Knight titled “Walker Between Two Worlds.”

“This week we feature an exclusive interview with JZ Knight who for the first time publicly shares some of her experiences while her body channels Ramtha, The Enlightened One.

In this exclusive interview JZ Knight, President of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, shares her experiences as a walker in many worlds. She discusses her observations of how reality unfolds in other dimensions, her perception of humanity’s spiritual evolution in today’s world, and much more!”

Interview excerpt:
“I think that the most spiritually evolved person is someone who never has to worry about being taken care of. They never worry, wherever they are, because they are in touch with where they are. It’s on their terms, but their terms are the whole environment around them,” quoting JZ Knight.

CLICK HERE for the full text in the Fall, 2010 issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine.

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